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About us

Driven by passion

The Arctic for you

Men of Sea

The Men of Sea organization embraces the enthusiasts of travelling who have been intensively exploring wild, hard to reach places scattered all over the world for several years. These places are connected by seas and oceans, which we cross in search of the regions unaffected by human actions. Not without significance is the way of travelling, which is often the very essence of travelling.

We love open spaces, the vastness of the seas, where a man leaving everyday matters behind can take in fresh air and understand that he and his everyday problems are only a small particle in the vastness of the beautiful world ruled by powerful forces of nature. The feeling of unlimited space, the view of the land from the water changes people forever.

Our journeys around Greenland, the Arctic, in the far South between the notorious Cape Horn and Antarctica, the polar ends of the world infected us with longing for them. Expeditions on the cold seas, among icebergs, whales, seals and walruses may turn out to be dangerous, because the charm of ice lands, endless, unpopulated spaces can captivate you for a lifetime…

In our activities, we do not accept substitutes or compromises. All that we do we try to do with utmost professionalism, giving our all. We take care of formal and legal issues in order to ensure our clients full security. We guarantee that personally and with our properties.

We have an AXA Ubezpieczenia TUiR S.A. insurance guarantee.

My Spitsbergen Project

Our passions and fascination by the Arctic have lead to a long-term My Spitsbergen project, whose aim is to propagate and offer an insight into the Svalbard archipelago. Such places are slowly disappearing and one should hurry to get to know them in their present shape. We’re convinced that with minimal interference with the environment, while maintaining all the requirements of the parks and nature reserves there, we are able to lead a small group of people who are looking for something more. We commit ourselves to organizing exceptional life-changing journeys.

You can visit many different places, hotels, islands and resorts in the world. However, the Arctic is unique, and the journey across it is a lifetime experience. It is a perfect gift for those close to us, given on an important occasion, and you can be sure that they will return full of excitement, gratitude and contentment.

Our team

Although each of us is an individual, we share a passion for travelling. Thanks to the fact that everyone is different, we create a harmonious, complementary team.

Each of us can boast dozens of completed projects and many satisfied customers.

The fact that we have travelled the length and breadth of the world makes up our vast experience. We are open to new acquaintances and eager to meet new people. Beside our journeys, it is an equally important experience for us. With each subsequent trip and each successive person we are richer in our knowledge and understanding of the world. Howvere, we are not authorities on the concept of life and we do not give unwanted advice, but we share our passions and our understanding of what is the most important in life.

Marek Rajtar

My journeys reach both ends of the world and are the most valuable part of my life, except for my wife and four children, of course. I've reached the end of the south, including the notorious Cape Horn, I've travelled around Greenland, and recently I've felt in love with Spitsbergen so I'm planning to spend the next few years here.

He normally lives in Krakow. A surveyor by education and profession, a sailor by passion. He has already travelled a lot of the world, the seas and the oceans onboard many yachts. A yacht captain, a member of The Cape Horn Fraternity, he circumnavigated Spitsbergen. The originator and organizer of travelling and sailing projects, rarely can he stay in one place. He writes, publishes and infects with his passions, training and educating young adepts at the same time. The co-founder of Men of Sea and MySpitsbergen.com. For his cruise around Spitsbergen he received an honorary distinction from the Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation in the CRUISE OF THE YEAR 2017 competition.

Pawel Pelc

"In one drop of water you can find the secrets of all oceans." I would like to discover them all. I sail on warm and cold waters, I experience, get to know, discover, and reach the limit of my dreams. The moments spent at sea are emotions and impressions that cannot be expressed in one sentence.

Although he comes from the central part of Poland, his thoughts often revolve around the northern coast. He's been perfecting his passion for years by participating in many cruises, expeditions and trainings. He shows great confidence and professionalism in difficult and extreme conditions. Challenges is what he likes. He has sailed around Spitsbergen. During his cruises he shares his knowledge and experience. He's the originator and co-creator of Men of Sea and MySpitsbergen.com.

Malgorzata Rajtar

The words that accompany me every day are: "The one who does not strive after the impossible will never reach it". I love taking up new challenges, travelling and the beauty of nature. I secretly dream of following the Camino de Santiago and achieving the second base camp of Mount Everest.

An English teacher by education, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University and the founder of a language school. The organizer and co-organizer of many tourist and language trips for children, teenagers and adults in Poland and abroad. She consistently accomplishes the set goals, has great organizational skills and engaging personality.


If you are interested in cooperating with us in creating a portal, organizing an expedition or joining our team...

We are open to cooperation with travellers whose passions are close to ours. Therefore, we invite organized persons with knowledge and marketing abilities to contact us. You can help organize our trips and take part in them by becoming a member of our team. If you would like to create other projects with us or supplement the current ones with new ideas, we are open to that.

AZIMUT expedition yacht

Safety and comfort

For safe trips in the Arctic, a right yacht is necessary. Azimut meets all necessary requirements. It has a steel massive hull and all security and communication systems. It is amply equipped with electronic devices. Due to its size, it has also maintained comfortable character. Each participant has one's own place and common rooms are spacious allowing the entire team to stay in very good conditions. The yacht also has central heating systems, which is not insignificant in the Arctic waters.

Technical specifications:

  • hull type: steel
  • type of vessel: ketch
  • length: 57’5″
  • width: 14’9″
  • weight: 66138 lb
  • engine: Man 112 HP
  • fuel tank capacity: 307 UK gal
  • water tank capacity: 274 UK gal
  • energy generator ONAN 220 V
  • additional sources of energy (solar panels, wind power station)
  • autopilot
  • bow thruster
  • new Raymarine electronics


  • 2 six-person life rafts
  • 12 pneumatic life jackets 290 N
  • 12 immersion suits
  • Iridium satellite telephone
  • AIS
  • VHF radio
  • radar
  • additional Lowrance plotter
  • mast video camera


  • 5 2/3-person cabins
  • 12 bunks
  • large kitchen
  • electric cooker with an oven
  • 3 fridges
  • coffee machine
  • big mess
  • TV and CD/USB radio
  • library
  • 2 bathrooms (one of them with a shower)
  • electric toilets
  • WEBASTO heating system
  • air conditioning
  • engine-dependent heating
  • sheltered cockpit
  • bimini top
  • stern platform


  • sonar
  • 6-person dinghy with a 20-HP engine
  • additional outboard engine
  • grill
  • compressor
  • fishing equipment
  • ice equipment
  • fishing table