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Why us?

Discover the Arctic World with us

Why is it worth embarking on this journey with us?

Passions, ideas, professionalism

Our philosophy

The way that the participants of the trips organized by us perceive the world is our reality. We are dedicated to realizing their dreams, discovering what is the most beautiful. It might seem like hard work, but not for us. Our work is our fun and passion, we love to share what is the most valuable and the reason for our satisfaction is always our Customers’ joy, satisfaction and delight. They can forget what we have said, they can forget what we have done, but they will never forget how they felt thanks to us. The excitement at the beauty of Spitsbergen, meeting of a herd of whales, polar bears and magnificent glaciers is the fuel of our actions.

It is true that in the Arctic it is easier than elsewhere to guarantee the unforgettable experience, organize a Journey of a lifetime, delight – we know about it and we can use it. We always try to give more than it is expected. A satisfied customer is our best business strategy.

Why is it worth travelling with us?

Today, when most trips can be planned and organized without moving from behind one's desk, it could seem that the role of a tour operator is insignificant. Then why is it worth to entrust us with your holiday planning?

Our clients are usually very busy people, their holiday time is priceless and when they finally take their time off work they would really like to rest, instead of organising their holiday time. Our Clients' free time is a period of intense work for us, which is aimed at the most effective use of their holidays and their maximum satisfaction.

The second most important thing for us, along with safety, is the satisfaction of our Clients. They are the foundation of all our plans. We are happy to welcome them on our following trips. Customers are the most effective advertisement of our next expeditions. Recommendation is our main source of acquiring new participants.

Our work begins a long before our Clients start their journey. We fine-tune all the details of the trip, we take care of appropriate preparation of the participants, we are constantly available, during the trip we meet our Clients' expectations and when they come back home and remember wonderful time - we create videos, albums, which are a great souvenir.

By organising trips for the others for many years now, we have gained a lot of experience and safety of travelling is our priority. Sailing on the seas, we know perfectly well that a man is often only a small breeze against powerful elements. Therefore, we avoid bravado and know how to minimize danger. Especially in the demanding Arctic world.

The world to which we invite our clients is virgin to them. To us, these are the places which we have visited many times. That's why we know what to pay attention to, which turning to take, which hole you can put your leg in, and where it is not worth spending time. We choose what is the most interesting, we suggest what to look at and we do not allow to omit important places. This is especially important on Spitsbergen, about which there is not much public knowledge available, and the one that is passed - is whispered in the ear.

Preparing a trip to the Arctic is practically unfeasible for an average tourist. Most of the interesting sites is not available by traditional means of transport. Spitsbergen is a large animal reserve and the requirements set by the Governor's Office require laborious fixing of many consents, completing many forms. Also due to the nature of the site and the danger connected with ice and animals, the compliance with safety recommendations requires special insurance covering the costs of possible rescue operations. It is also necessary for the guides to have weapon with live ammunition, for which there must be permission obtained beforehand.

We are not an tourist agents. We prepare, organize and run our trips, we have our own unchartered yacht, which we take care of. It is us you will meet during the trip and it is us who will contact you when you return. Security is our priority.

As part of the trip to Spitsbergen, each participant will receive from us an expedition cup and a specially designed T-shirt. After returning from the trip, you will be sent a commemorative photo album and a video of the journey.

Our rules

Expect the best from us

You’re in the centre

Our whole time and we are there for you. You are the center of the world, and this world is exceptionally beautiful.

No experiments

Difficult, unfamiliar terrain, danger on behalf of wild animals - we know how to behave in such conditions. You will feel safe at every stage of the trip with us.

Mutual care

We move in a small group at the ends of the world. Mutual care and help are the basis of our trips.


Planning is fundamental. You entrust us with your precious time and we know how to make you use it to the fullest.

Button up

We always try to button everything up, we're perfectionists. There is no place for details to polish up.

Incomplete dictionary

In our dictionary there are no words like: "it's impossible", "we can't", "not this time". We are here to realize your dreams, maintaining full security at the same time.

Basic documents

Exceptional journeys

The Arctic tastes wonderful with us

Comfortable yacht

The Azimut yacht is a large, comfortable vessel. Spacious interior, big 2-3-person cabins, 2 bathrooms, central heating. The steel hull, all modern electronic and communication systems ensure safety.

Small groups

Groups of 8-10 people enable quick integration and team-building. We always care for very good atmosphere. A small group lets us meet the participants' individual needs.

Tailor-made trips

During the expedition we are flexible to meet your needs. At the same time, we take maximum time so that you can see as much as possible. Our goal is that you get back from the trip full of impressions, adventures and with hundreds of photos of the most beautiful places.

Experience and safety

We have great experience in running expeditions in the polar regions of the world. We've already met the most of Spitsbergen's nooks and corners. We always put safety first. You won't feel in danger during your trip.

Wonderful animals

Welcome to the world of the polar bear and big whales. Visit a walrus colony and taste a fish you've caught yourself. We'll take to the places where these animals live, hoping you can meet them.

Unique places

Spitsbergen is a fantastic combination of mountains, the sea and ice. The landscapes of the unforgettable Arctic Land are breathtaking. Thanks to us, you will get to know this world at close range.