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Our offer

You and Spitsbergen

The majority of the people do not even know where Spitsbergen is. The question about the difference between it and Svalbard is rarely answered. The Arctic seems to be the inaccessible, foggy world. The world in which you cannot survive and travelling there is impossible.
Thanks to our experience we offer an insight into this world claiming: The Arctic is for everyone. Therefore, we're presenting our trip offers: from simpler - tourist ones to demanding - expedition-like ones.
Let us take you on a trip of a lifetime in an amazing world. Familiarize yourself with our trip offers.

Harmonogram wypraw na 2020 r.
The Arctic for Companies/Groups 8/12-Day Expedition
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Marek Rajtar

He's travelled the world from one end to the other, to stop at Spitsbergen.

Pawel Pelc

He won't sit still. Well, unless it's Svalbard.

Malgorzata Rajtar

The word "holidays" has assumed a new meaning.